Eyes of the Mothman

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Welcome to the official “Eyes of the Mothman” website.  “Eyes of the Mothman” is the first ever feature length documentary about the real life events surrounding the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  “Eyes of the Mothman” is produced by Red Line Studios of New York City and is set to be distributed to home video November of 2006.  Theatrical and Television release dates are presently confidential but will be disclosed in the near future.

“Eyes of the Mothman” is presently being filmed on location in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  Production for the feature will commence between April 24th 2006 – May 16th 2006.  Research, development, and pre-production began April of 2005 with location scouting occurring during September of 2005.  “Eyes of the Mothman” delves deep into the many supernatural and unexplainable events circulating around the community of Point Pleasant located on the border of Ohio at the Ohio River.  Incidents explored date back as far as the 1700’s and spans a distance of 300 years further to the present.  “Eyes” promises to be the first in depth, well rounded, fact and evidence oriented look at the mythological accounts and encounters of the winged creature known as “The Mothman.”  With over 30 specialists, professors, eye witnesses and experts, “Eyes” has uncovered and will explore some new angles of study on the Mothman legend and hear from some key figures for the first time in history. 

Shot on the Panasonic SDX 900 DVCPRO 50 true widescreen 24p camera, Eyes promises to be as technically proficient and impressive as it is contextually and artistically. 

Post Production is set to commence during the summer of 2006 during the month of August and end October 31 2006. 

Please feel free to browse around our site to learn more about this feature documentary and discover the extraordinary tale Point Pleasant has to offer… 

July 2006 UPDATE:

Principal Photography has been completed in West Virginia and Ohio and we would like to thank everyone who participated and helped our crew while visiting your community. Point Pleasant and the people of West Virginia and Ohio left a memorable impression on us all and we cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and kindness during our stay, you really made us feel like family.

We will be updating our website periodically so please return to see more photos, updates, trailers, behind the scenes video and more. You can also stay updated and find release dates when they become available on the Eyes of the Mothman IMDB profile.

New Photo Galleries have been added in the PHOTO SECTION and if you haven't discovered it yet we have a MOTHMAN FORUM up so Mothman fans can connect and chat.

Our shoot consisted of long hours and many days but we were able to capture some amazing images and interview some spectacular people and we look forward to bringing fans of the Mothman a feature documentary like no other.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email us, we love hearing from you and get back to everyone.

We hope to begin post production in the coming month and as soon as we have some cips of available video we will upload it for all to view.

99% of what we need was captured during our 20 day stay in West Virginia and our NYC Interviews with experts and specialists will be completed in early August.